About Wayne

Wayne R. Faust, MA, SPE, HSP

Wayne R. Faust is an author and the founder and director of Counseling and Assessments Ministries (CAM), a nonprofit ministry dedicated to serving Alzheimer’s clients in Assisted living environments as well as providing indigent children opportunities to develop career skills through Music/Art Dream Camps. CAM provides clinical services at an adjusted rate to financially needy persons on a sliding scale. The revenues from these services are directed to facilities serving the often forgotten aged and youthful populations mentioned above. Using creative mental tasks, nostalgic music and a variety of memory games, cognitive connections are strengthened in Alzheimer’s clients resulting in a greater quality of life. Through local partnerships between churches, schools and nonprofit agencies in various communities Music/Art Dream Camps the opportunities for less fortunate youth to learn alternative career paths are made possible.

Prior to starting CAM in 2015, Wayne’s career was centered in providing various Licensed clinical, industrial-organizational and Human Resources related services to diverse settings. Wayne served the clients of Harriet Cohn Mental Health Center creatively establishing both adult and youth group therapy programs still being utilized today in different settings. He later established a selection system for the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County which included the validation of various personnel and clinical testing instruments. His consulting work under Cleckner Educational Publishing and Moore Educational Publishing companies included his authoring over 20 study/test modules for the College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP). He holds Bachelor degrees in both Bible and Psychology from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee as well as a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University where he also served as an adjunct professor for a brief period. He added to his industrial/organizational licensure a Clinical Licensure upon graduation and after that an international certification (HRCI) as a Sr. Professional in Human Resources.