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Today’s Fresh Love Story

By: Karen M

This was an easy read in that it kept my interest. A real love story that you don’t often see in today’s culture. Wayne’s love grew in that he unselfishly tended to Wanda in her last year. From the beginning he weaves the thread of hope that carried him through the toughest times in his teens, to Army, through marriage and afterwards. It’s an encouraging story of how God still works in and through people.

This is today’s LOVE STORY; on par with THE NOTEBOOK and A WALK TO REMEMBER. 

… those who have suffered with the loss of a loved one. It shows the miraculous power of God … 

By: Linda Fergerson

This book inspires and encourages those who have suffered with the loss of a loved one. It shows the miraculous power of God to reach you where you are at and answer in ways unique to you. No matter how far down you go, He always has a way to reach you. This story shows how his awesome love touches and heals.

Both of their love and faith in God

By: A. G. Adkinson

Very touching. I cried all the way through it. It shows the true devotion of the wife and husband to each other, and both of their love and faith in God. I think it can help many people who are going through an emotional time. Glad I was able to read it.

A Real Love Story for Both Men and Women

By: Parjdaon

This book is a love story with so much more. I think this book describes what romance for life looks and feels like. If you experience this kind of love feel fortunate. From the early uncomfortable beginnings of a relationship to a growing mature relationship, both young and older readers will enjoy this book. Many will find the heartache and end refreshing and comforting. Others will identify with the endearing end.

This book reads like a movie    Image result for colored movie reel clipart

By: Robin Hardin

This book reads like a movie! I could see the story play out before my eyes. Had I not cried through it’s entirety, I could have seen it with more clarity. It touched the deepest parts of my heart. The author opens his soul and exposes it to the world. If you have experienced the passing of a loved one, this book gives you permission to grief. It allowed me to cry with him as I related to the death of my grand baby. It’s amazing how a “good cry” can be so therapeutic regardless of how long ago one’s grief first began.

Thanks Wayne for your transparency.

A story that captures it all! Love, Loss and Hope

By: Adriana Morales

It was beautifully written! The reader will witness a palpable love story, sense the angst of grief and loss yet will cherish the miracle from the author’s most personal experiences… we can love life once again after a tragic loss.

Love, Faith and Reality of Cancer

By: S. Ferdina

The second half of the book really gripped my attention and connected me emotionally. The fear of the unknown for a future; the admissions of weaknesses; the complete commitment and love for his wife, Wanda (who happens to be my cousin) are all so honest, raw and vulnerable that I could not stop my tears. This book let me see behind the brave exterior of Wanda, one of the sweetest, most gracious humans that I have ever known. Wayne, you knew her so well, you loved her well and you have honored her well. Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of your love for one another; Wanda’s unshakable faith in God and your honest fears and doubts; and the pain of the most unnecessary disease still on Earth.

What Others Are Saying

Wayne is truly an inspiration to all who have the privilege of meeting him. His transparent and genuine heart immediately set him apart as a friend for life. Having had the privilege of getting to know him and his beautiful wife, Wanda, before her passing, I can attest that their story is truly one of an endless love during life’s most difficult trials.

What makes this book unique is not only the suspense that unveils itself as the reader turns the page but what precedes each chapter. At the beginning of each chapter the reader will be introduced to four components: a scripture (representing the foundation of Wayne’s strength), a song (unveiling the heart of the writer), a quote (expanding the thinking of the reader), and a bit of humor (for laughter is good medicine for the hurting soul).

300 Billion to ONE! is a book like no other and journeying through its pages the reader will find strength and hope for their own life that will change their life.

Ann Haney, Ordained Minister, CEO Aaron Publishing,
Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

If you’ve ever met Wayne Faust, you love him for his intellectual depth, spiritual insight, and boundless passion for Christ and others. That’s exactly why you’ll want to read his life story! And if you’ve never met him, this book is a wonderful introduction.

Vince Wilcox, Attorney, Professor at Trevecca Nazarene University,
and General Manager,

Wayne is a strong Christian leader dedicated to making a difference. Wayne and Wanda’s story is one of faith, love, loss and the hope and healing that God can bring through each.

Joey Hassell, Executive Director, North Rutherford Family YMCA
YMCA of Middle Tennessee

This book is not just another read for me. Knowing the writer on a personal level and knowing God’s ability to reach out to us all in miraculous ways makes it easy for me to highly recommend this book.

Dr. Johnny D. Minick, Bishop of River Of Life Assemblies of God Church,
President of Johnny Minick Ministries

300 Billion to ONE! is a love story where Wayne will walk you through his journey of hope, faith and loss. Wayne embraced God’s unfailing mercies in the midst of broken relationships, in unimaginable experiences during the Vietnam War and in his unbearable trajectory of his wife’s cancer.

Wayne and his wife lived out a palpable, unconditional love for one another. They accepted cancer with optimism and never lost their sense of humor through it all. Wayne never lost hope even when he was at his worst of his grief, but instead he asked for a miracle!

In 300 Billion to ONE!, the author reminisced and shared his most intimate life experiences. This book is a page turner indeed!

If you ever doubt God’s existence, then 300 Billion to One will show how God orchestrates our life circumstances to carry out all of his promises. Wayne’s testimony reminds us of God’s daily compassion and never ending love.

A. Morales, a blogger and Jesus-follower,

Have a kleenex ready and turn off your phone. You do not want to be interrupted as the story grabs your heart!

This is a highly skilled work where Wayne marvelously engages the reader. I trust you will be just as mesmerized as I was by the way God worked in Wayne’s and Wanda’s life in the midst of their great challenge.

Joe Crowder, Retired Engineer and
Youth Volunteer Leader of Belmont Baptist Church, Nashville