About the Book

There appear to be countless testimonies in print of God’s miraculous interventions, especially those related to near-death and after-death experiences. Many give a clue to the after-life and/or God’s immeasurable love and mercy. Some may provide a window into God’s view or reveal His character more clearly. If these accounts originate from God they are consistent with Biblical thought, have a purpose in building us spiritually and they ultimately bring glory to our God!

Why this book?

Sometimes God answers our prayers privately and sometimes they are meant to be shared.  A miracle is a miracle regardless of size. God intervenes in such a way as to defy natural laws that logic does not explain.  Perhaps this is what Einstein meant when He said “coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.”

How is this book different?

It’s a story of love and hope that defys all odds. The statistical probability of just the first 2 miracles happening is over 300 billionto one. Neither the cynic or athesist ca explain away the interventions described in the book. Each chapter begins with a Bible scripture, quote, song and a humerous joke to introduce the theme to follow.