300 Billion to ONE!

A True Story of Love and Hope that Defies the Odds.


An acknowledgement of God’s miraculous intervention to heal a broken heart and a tribute to the one who first captured it.


300 Billion to ONE!

Is a love story where Wayne will walk you through his journey of hope, faith and loss. He embraced God’s unfailing mercies in the midst of broken relationships, in unimaginable experiences during the Vietnam War and in his unbearable trajectory of his wife’s cancer.


This was an easy read in that it kept my interest. A real love story that you don’t often see in today’s culture. Wayne’s love grew in that he unselfishly tended to Wanda in her last year. From the beginning he weaves the thread of hope that carried him through the toughest times in his teens, to Army, through marriage and afterwards. It’s an encouraging story of how God still works in and through people.

This is today’s LOVE STORY; on par with THE NOTEBOOK and A WALK TO REMEMBER.

By: Karen M – Amazon Review


The fight had been long but the battle was over. After a year of fighting a cancer that took the life of Wayne Faust’s wife, Wanda, he was alone, exhausted and disheartened.

In his overwhelming grief, Wayne cried out, “God, I need a miracle!” And God responded with an undeniable intervention, transcending time and space to create a set of circumstances so personalized Wayne could not explain them away and would be overwhelmed with restored hope that He is a caring God.

In 300 Billion to ONE! Wayne tells the heartbreaking but heartwarming and encouraging story of his life and love, their faith and journey until God called her home, and God’s continuing touches on Wayne’s life today.